If you are thinking of getting a puppy for a Christmas gift,
Puppies born in October should be ready for Christmas.
The 8 and 10 week dates are on every puppy information page,
most puppies are ready by 8-10 weeks.
Because we are working with live animals, we need to bear in mind
some puppies wean a bit slower, or are simply too small to ship.
The health and safety of the puppy is ALWAYS our 1st concern.
We also have Iowa and South Dakota weather to contend with. 
Not getting the puppy out before Christmas day happens very seldom, but it can happen.
But, if you do purchase a puppy for a Christmas gift,
and it cannot be there before Christmas day,
I can do cute little pictures of your puppy that you can wrap in a box.
We also have coupons you can give if you want them to pick it out.
As always, let me know if you have questions. I am only a phone call/text/email away. :)
Allen & Wanda Koedam
2469 180th St.
Rock Rapids, IA 51246