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    Teddy Bear

    Mom: Ivory Dad: Mason DOB: 11-19-13 We have a h...
    Cassandra Female
    Mom: Cassandra  
    Kenzie ~ Teddy Bear ~ Tempest and Teddy
    This is Kenzie, she is a Teddy Bear. Her parents are Tempest a...
    Licky Lou
    Mom: Dolly Dad: Colton Our new pack member! Licky L...
    Maggy & Missy
    Mom: Brooke Dad: Colton   DOB: 9-3-12 ...
    Mom: Lillian Dad: Teddy DOB: 5/13/13 This is a ...
    Rocco ~ Teddy Bear
    This is Rocco, he is a Teddy Bear.
    Here's our little Teddy Bear puppy Sugar from Koedam Ke...
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