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Mom: Tammy Lynn

Dad: Joker

DOB: 11/20/13


Hey everyone, So i bought this cute little girl that we named Mia at Koedam Kennels last Friday. She is probably the best dog, she's playful and loveable. she gives me kisses when i get home she is the sweetest and cutest thing ever. Everyone that has met Mia LOVES her and cant get enough of her. She falls asleep with me in bed every night and sleeps until my alarm goes off in the morning then wakes me up with even more kisses. She seriously is the most perfect dog that i've ever seen. Let alone she loves to put clothes on and loves to cuddle up and sleep after shes done playing. Let alone when i went to get Mia for the first time Wanda's husband was sooooo nice he told us everything we needed to know gave us the right information and guided us through all the shots and care she has had and was just an all around one of the nicest and informative people i've ever met. So thank you Koedam Kennels for our sweet little angle. We couldnt be any happier. (: